Thursday, May 31, 2012

Essential Oils by Dr. Janet Scavarda, DC

Essential Oils Dr. Janet Scavarda, DC

DATE: Friday, June 15th

TIME: 10:00AM to 2:00PM – Please bring a bag lunch

LOCATION: Sagebrush Room at the Mesa County Fairgrounds

CLASS FEE: $35.00 for Lavender Association of Western Colorado members, $45.00 for non-members. ***Advanced registration is required to insure note packets for all attendees. Please call and reserve your space by noon June 14th.

TO REGISTER: Call 970-210-3559 or email

Section 1 – METHODS OF APPLICATIONS – All of the ways to use essential oils

Inhalation: Dry inhalation, Moist inhalation, Room sprays, Nebulizing Diffusion, and Heat diffusion

Diluted skin application: Baths (full, foot and hand), Lotion, Nut & Vegetable oil, Salve, Massage, Compresses, Soles of feet


Why should we care about the reasons plants produce essential oils? Because understanding how plants use essential oils will give us insight into what they will do for us. It provides the bridge we need to treat the body, and its mental and emotional components, simultaneously and in balance. This information provides a clearer vision of how to blend essential oils effectively.


How to choose and eliminate oils to blend for a specific purpose, issues to consider, and how to address the primary goal as well as balance of involved systems. Differentiating base, middle and top notes, and their purposes.

Qualifications: Dr. Scavada has eighteen years experience using essential oils personally and in her practice and thirteen years experience teaching classes, both privately and at a local technical college. In 2002 Dr. Scavarda took and passed the only nation-wide competency examination available at the time; the Aromatherapy Registration Council's Registration Examination in Aromatherapy, becoming a Registered Aromatherapist. She has continuing her education through The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in 2004, 2006, and 2010, as well as her own research. Dr. Scavarda is currently researching and writing a book on aromatherapy.