Monday, August 2, 2010

Fruit tree pests still need to be controlled

In today’s fruit tree update by Dr. Ramesh Pokharel, Western Colorado Research Center the following treatments are recommended.

“Codling moth (CM): We are still catching substantial numbers of second generation moth in our traps. It suggests us that we need protection against this pest beyond August 1. You also may need an additional spray beyond August 1 depending upon the activity of moths, the protection window of your insecticide used and harvesting date.

Peach Twig Borer (PTB): We are catching higher numbers (more than previous weeks) of second generation PTB month in our traps. This suggests a need to protect crop against this generation. Control of this generation is important as this generation can feed on fruits.

Crown Borer: The Crown borers are active in our orchard. Please, remember to have two sprays (a cover and a follow-up spray) to protect your crop from this pest. If this borer is active even after second spray, we might need a third spray during fall (trunk spray). Keep eye on this pest.”

To ensure good quality fruit and the survival of your fruit trees, treatments for these pests need to be applied and/or continued. Information on these pests and their control is available at and .

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