Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Misting in Action

Misting of irrigation sprinklers is due to excessive pressure at the nozzles.

 Irrigation nozzles are designed for a specific range of pressures.  Pop-up spray nozzles as are used at the Red Cross facility shown in this video are designed for pressures between 15 to 30 psi depending on spacing.

This video was taken Tuesday morning when the air was still .  You can tell from the lack of movement of the leaves, wind was not responsible for the misting. 

I'm quite sure this Red Cross office in Grand Junction could use help purchasing and installing the needed pressure regulators to correct this problem.  Installing pressure regulators will reduce their utility bills and conserve water that is now going to waste.

There is a specific procedure you need to follow when installing and adjusting the pressure regulator.  Check out Mark Austin's video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsyGawRpyhI for a short demo. Your irrigation professional should have the necessary Schrader valve and be able to install pressure regulators for you if you can't figure this out yourself.  Pressure regulators need to be installed when the system is still pressurized. So do this before you have your system winterized or first thing in the spring when the system is turned back on.
Hunter and Rainbird pressure regulators are adjusted the same way.  Keep in mind you need to buy the pressure regulator that fits the valve.  A Rainbird pressure regulator will not fit a Hunter valve or vice versa.

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