Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you need someone to prune your fruit trees and grape vines?

Here is a list of individuals you can hire to prune your fruit trees and grape vines. I’m sure their schedules will fill quickly so don't wait too long before you give them a call to get on their calendar.

When they visit your home they will be able to answer your questions on how to fertilize your fruit trees, how to thin the fruit to obtain the best quality fruit, and even show you how your trees and vines should be pruned.

Bobbi Muhovich, 434-5284 and 640-1475, will prune fruit trees and grape vines in Mesa, Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties. Bobbi is available weekdays and Saturdays.

Paul Redig, 201-4092, will prune fruit trees and grape vines in Mesa and Delta Counties. Paul is available weekdays and Saturdays.

Kelly O’Brien, cell phone (970) 250-2029, will prune fruit trees and grape vines in Mesa, Delta and Montrose Counties. Kelly will not be available until after February 10th. Kelly will be available any day of the week after that date.

Linda (Corwine) McIntosh, Montrose Landscape Consulting and Spraying, Inc., (970) 249-2659; cell (970) 596-6911, will prune fruit trees and grape vines in Montrose and Ouray Counties. Linda is available on weekdays.

Specifics on the size of fruit trees these individuals will prune and their qualifications is in a PDF file at .

If there others who prune fruit trees and grape vines for hire in Mesa, Delta, Montrose or Ouray Counties and want to be added to this list they can contact me at (970) 244-1840.


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