Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learn about Bedbugs - Wednesday, Feb 16

 If you want to learn more about bedbugs than you ever thought possible, attend the bedbug program at C building at the Mesa County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, February 16. The session is from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Forrest Saint Aubin, a board certified entomologist, from Leawood Kansas, with 50 years experience as an entomologist has developed presentations on the biology and control of bedbugs for audiences across the nation. He will discuss the steps you need to take to protect yourself from bedbug bites and infestations, how to avoid bringing bedbugs home and how to manage bedbugs once they invade your home to include heat treatments, chemical treatments, and sanitation technique.

Terri Randall, entomologist with Colorado State University will have her bedbug colonies available for everyone to see and will host a feeding demonstration. Kids and others who want a bedbug tattoo, are encouraged to attend. A bedbug tattoo is created but placing a stencil over your skin and allowing bedbugs to feed within that stenciled area. Isn’t that going to be fun!
Kathy Palmer from Cedaredge will have her bedbug sniffing dog Velvet on hand and will discuss how she trained her dog and how a bedbug sniffing dog is used to identify bedbug infestations.

Business owners, especially those how sell used merchandise, shelter operators, lodging operators and anyone else interested in learning more about bedbugs is encourage to attend.

This opportunity is brought to you by the Mesa County Health Department and Colorado State University Extension.

This opportunity to learn about bedbugs is free. Please call 970 244-1834 to register. If you are not familiar with how to reach C building at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, check out the information at .


  1. Bed bugs are one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. They are little insects that suck human blood for their survival. Though the commonly accepted is that they are too tiny to be seen, it's not entirely true. These insects often come to life in our homes at night, therefore making it all the more difficult for us to spot a bed bug infestation.bed bugs los angeles


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