Monday, March 7, 2011

Fruit Trees available in Mesa and Delta Counties of Colorado

Fruit trees are available from the following nurseries. The nurseries will accept your payment now but may not release them until the proper time for planting. Don’t wait. These trees will go quick.

Mt Garfield Nursery and Garden Center - opens Friday, March 11
3162 F Road Grand Junction, CO 81504 - (970) 434-2788

Fruit Trees available:
Apples: Gala, Granny Smith, Red Fuji, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious and Jonathan.
Apricot: Wenatchee
Plum: Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Toka and Stanley
Cherry: Bing, Black Tartarian, Stella, Lapins, Rainier and Montmorency.
Peach: Giant Elberta, Hale Haven Red Haven, Reliance and Polly.
Walnuts: English (Carpathian) and Black
Meadowlark Gardens - open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 - 42259 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507 - (970) 241-6003

Fruit Trees Available:
Apricot: Wenatchee Moorpark
Cherry: Bing, Rainier, Stella, and Montmorency
Peach: Giant Elberta, Red Haven, Frost


The Delta Garden Center - open 9 - 5 Monday – Saturday; 9 – 4 on Sunday
1970 South Main, Delta CO 81416 – (970) 874-9009

Has 250 fruit trees available:
Apple: Gala Royal, Honeycrisp, Honeygold, Jonathan, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Fuji Red Rose, Granny Smith
Apricot: Perfection, Chinese Mormon, Goldcot
Cherry: Bing, Stella as a pollinator, Rainier, Montmorency (tart), Lapins
Peach: Red Haven, Red Star, Reliance, Lucky 13, Allstar, Hale Haven, Early Elberta (Gleason), Elberta
Nectarine: Red Gold
Pear: Bartlett, D’Anjou, Housuii Asian Pear
Plum; Toka, Santa Rosa, Stanley, Italian