Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ute Learning Garden has New Signs

The Ute Learning Garden at the Mesa County Fairgrounds is a joint project with Colorado State University Extension, the Ute Indian Nation, the Bureau of Land Management, and Mesa County. To make this site more educational for school groups and others who visit, we have added some wonderful signs. Danielle Foushee was our graphics artist for the five signs we currently have installed at this site.

Danielle Foushee and Curtis Swift at the north entrance to the Ute Learning Garden.
 You can learn more about Danielle at or by calling her studio at 970.314.7364 or her cell at 818.613.7459.

To learn how you can enjoy a tour contact Susan Rose at 970.244.1841. School classes make up the greatest number of visitors but others are welcome to visit.

In May, Clifford Duncan and Brock Chapoose, Ute Elder and member of the Ute Indian Nation respectively, will be building a ceremonial willow sweat lodge to complement the Wickiups and teepee already at the Ute Learning Garden. This will be another attraction for the powwow we will be hosting at this site on June 10th and 11th. Give Susan a call if you would like to be a vendor during the powwow or would like additional information on this educational project.

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