Friday, June 3, 2011

Fruit Tree Pest Update for Mesa and Delta Counties, western Colorado

The following information is provided by Dr. Ramesh Pokharel, Western Colorado Research Center, Orchard Mesa Station.

Mesa County:
Codling moth is active, and you need to protect your crops from this pest by pesticide applications. (Please remember not to repeat the same chemistry of pesticides more than twice).

Peach twig borer moth (PTB) was captured in our trap on May 25 at WCRC-OM site. June 15-18 is the recommended period for the first cover spray for this insect.

Western Cherry fruit fly (WCFF) should be flying in the area by now  and you need to spray your cherry to protect from WCFF.

Delta County
At Rogers Mesa, Delta County: Codling moth (CM) biofix occurred at about May 7. This is the right time to put your first cover spray for CM management.

At Rogers Mesa site, we have no record of other insects in our traps. However, you need to watch for PTB moths and western cherry fruit flies as this is the right time to observe these insects flying according to our DD model. If it is so, schedule your spray at around June 17-18 for PTB and June 5-6 for WCFF.

For more details on these fruit tree pests and sprays needed check out : and

For Cedaredge, the biofix for codling moth (CM) was projected at around May 17-18. Then the first cover spray for CM should be scheduled for June 5-6 if you are scheduling to spray at 150 DD days, and the spray date should be June 10-11 if you are spraying at 250 DD of biofix. PTB is expected to fly from June 8 then you need to schedule your first cover spray at around last week of June or early July. Western cherry fruit fly is expected to start flying from June 11, and the first cover spray should be done around June 13-14.

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