Monday, September 12, 2011

Leaks in Irrigation System may be obvious.

Sand and gravel on the sidewalk can be evidience of a leak
in your underground irrigation system.

Soil and gravel is being flushed onto the sidewalk by a broken sprinkler head or broken irrigation pipe. Note the area washed clean by the leak and the dirt on either side. This leak needs to be fixed or the concrete sidewalk will be undermined and fail. The repair will also help reduce water use. When you notice something like this happening be a good neighbor and let the owner know.

Note where the water is flooding out between the sidewalk and grass and has washed the sidewalk clean.

Closeup of point where water is escaping to the surface.


  1. The repair will also help reduce water use.

  2. This problem is commonly found with large landscapes. It needs to be checked for and fixed on a regular basis - at least once a month.