Friday, June 1, 2012

Parthenolecanium corni, the European Fruit Lecanium

Larry Traubel, Grand Mesa Discount, Eckert, Colorado, provided this photo of Parthenolecanium corni, the European Fruit Lecanium on a peach tree. The photo shows the overwintering stage of the female scale and the small translucent crawlers.

Parthenolecanium corni
A horticultural oil sprayed when the crawler stage is present in spring will suffocate this insect. Timing the spray based on the presence of the crawlers before they begin to secrete their protective covering is critical. The crawlers typically hatch when Catalpa trees are in bloom.

The other option is to use a dinotefuran product that lists peaches or stone fruit on the label. Dinotefuran is a highly systemic third generation neonicitinoid applied as a trunk spray, foliar spray, or soil drench.


  1. Are those little buggers hazardous to any other type of tree?

    -Oscar Valencia

  2. These are great picks! I'm a fan of Flatbush and A Way To Garden, myself.

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