Friday, June 7, 2013

Identifying landscape sprinkler and drip irrigation system problems

Curtis Swift, Ph.D., Irrigation Association certified Professional Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Identifying and correcting problems with your landscape sprinkler and drip irrigation systems can often reduce water use while improving the overall health of the plant material in your landscape. The services I provide are designed to accomplish these two goals. If you need further information please give me a call at 970.778.7866 or send me an email at

Inspection of sprinkler system and recommendations – written recommendations available.
  • Filtration
  • Pressure test of system
  • Placement of sprinkler heads
  • Head and nozzle check
  • Low head drainage inspection
Adjustment of irrigation controller frequencies and run times based on reported precipitation rate of nozzles

Irrigation audit –an in-depth determination of efficiency of the sprinkler system to fine-tune irrigation schedules and run times.
  • Conducted after correction of system problems noted above
  • Adjustment of irrigation clock based on: 
  • Precipitation and distribution uniformity 
  • Turf root depth 
  • Soil texture 
  • Exposure 
  • Condition of turf 
  • ET – evapotranspiration
Inspection of drip and micro irrigation system
  • Flow rate and distribution
  • Pressure check
  • Filtration
  • Emitter placement
Training of personnel on the above concepts and techniques.

Identification of and recommendations for turf, tree, shrub, and flower problems.

Soil sampling and testing for turf, trees, and flowers.
  • Recommendations specific to the plant material based on soil test results
  •  Nutrient needs
  •  Fertility schedule
  • Recommendations on other soil issues - soluble salts, organic matter content, pH, etc.
  • Hourly consulting fee- $75 charged in one hour increments.
  • Training fee – hourly fee plus $20 @ person when more than two.
  •           Outside, hands-on, and class room training (PowerPoint) available.
  • Soil testing – hourly fee plus $45 per sample collected and analyzed. Includes recommendations.
  • Mileage fee – $75 per hour travel time one way when consultation is outside the Grand Valley of western Colorado (Mack to Palisade).
  • Lodging and meals on multiday assignments or more than eight (8) hours (depending on return distance from Grand Junction).

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