Thursday, July 22, 2010

Protect Grape Vines from Winter Damage

Grape vines damaged by the cold temperatures of this last fall and winter are rapidly replacing damaged tissue and growing so fast the vines may not acclimate properly for winter conditions. This new tissue will most likely be damaged again this winter unless the plant is encourage to slow down.

If these vines are not encouraged to slow their growth they will still be succulent going into winter and thus be susceptible to additional winter damage.

To encourage grape vines to acclimate properly for winter:

1. Reduce the amount and frequency of water starting in early August.
2. Do not apply any fertilizer for the rest of the season.
3. Do not cultivate around the vines until after the first hard freeze.
4. Do not spray any weeds until after the first hard freeze.
5. Do not prune for the rest of this season.
6. Do control powdery mildew.
7. Do water after the vines have gone dormant.

By following these guidelines fast growing grape vines will slow down and thus be less susceptible to winter damage.

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