Monday, July 26, 2010

sweet corn mutations

Have you ever seen sweet corn where the ear has developed a small tassel on its tip, or seen the tassel of a corn plant sprouting tiny ears?

Sweet corn is supposed to develop ears on the side of the stalk and tassels at the very top of the plant. At least that is how this is supposed to work. But, mutations do occur.

These photos shows a sweet corn plant that has developed ears in the tassel. This is called 'tassel seed'and is due to a mutation on chromosome 1.

There is nothing you can do about these mutations. Hopefully you will still be able to harvest edible ears.


  1. I have one just like that..
    I am going to try to grow it again..

    Any luck with planting seeds from that one?

  2. you should see what happened to my garlic .. it grew a pod of plants from every clove that would have formed from the growing plant itself ... so i have a head of garlic growing many heads of garlic still in the ground right now.